IQAir Health Pro 250 Air Purifier Review

IQAir healthpro 250 air purifierPros: The IQAir purifier’s multiple micro filtration systems eliminates a lot of micro-particles in the air and also helps control odours.

Cons: The unit is very expensive with a retail price of nearly £900, considering that the system is mainly fabricated with quality ABS plastic. The replacement filters also are relatively expensive as well.

Summary: This is an efficient and powerful air purifier with very advanced solution helping with allergies and asthma. It is high priced item but well worth it according to most customer’s opinions.

The IQair new edition GC Multigas seems to have also some success, but is specifically designed to help with superior filtration of odours, chemicals, and tobacco smoke. IQair currently sells also a few other products including one named IQair Perfect 16 HVAC air purifier in 2 different sizes (3 and 5 tons models). This purification system however works very differently than a self- standing unit. There are cheaper air purifier models available but the IQAir Health Pro 250 is a very effective piece of kit. Read our IQAir Healthpro review below for more details.


When it’s time to invest a significant amount of money in an air purifier unit like this IQair model, it’s certainly interesting and necessary to look into any testing and/or certification validating the quality of the product. Each unit IQair is in fact individually tested coming out of the factory to ensure that all strict specifications are met and is allocated a certificate of performance. If the unit does not prove to deliver 99, 97% cleaner or better air, it will not be shipped for sale.

On a side note, the IQair Health pro 250 model made by IQair, known to be first in air quality like their slogan let is transpire, gets more excellent reviews than any other company or air purifier products.

Filtration system explanations

IQAir healthpro 250 inside detailThis unit is designed with a 4-stage filtration system explained in details below. First of all, its Micro-Particular filtration function will allow the air to be pre-filtered and eliminate immediately micro-particles such as mold spores, pet dander and pollen.

Secondly, the Granular Activated Carbon Adsorption, will act as a Gas and odour filter and getting rid of volatile organic compounds and other harmful chemicals.

Next, this V-5 unit also displays a pelletized Chemisorption filter that helps destroy any other chemicals such as formaldehyde. Finally, the HyperHEPA filtrationfilter included in this unit eliminates ultrafine particles, such as bacteria, virus and combustion ones.

Overall efficiency

IQAir healthpro 250 roomNow, an air purifier might sometimes make a loud noise when activated, this is not the case with the IQair health pro 250. The design of the fan is so that is located between sound-attenuating filters in the unit limiting the noise without sacrificing the efficiently (32% quieter than other brands). The manufacturer offers a 5 years warranty on this unit.
Replacement filters

As mentioned before, the replacement filters can be quite expensive (between £100 and £200 per item), considering that there are 3 large filters to be replaced in the unit. Fortunately the robust modular filters do not seem to have to be replaced too frequently (38% longer filter life than competitors) and are easy to remove and install individually.